Harper makes appearance in London, attacks Liberal tax plan

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Harper makes appearance in London, attacks Liberal tax plan

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was welcomed by  hundreds of Conservative supporters at the OTC Group.

Ed Holder led the rally by introducing the Prime Minister.

After the noise began to quiet down, Harper gave a speech criticizing the Liberal’s tax plan. He says that the main goal of the Conservative campaign is to protect and sustain the economy, “Our campaign is all about creating and protecting jobs, lowering taxes and helping families in southern Ontario.”

Harper then stated that by lowering tax jobs, he will be able to create over one million new jobs by 2020, “By lowering taxes, 1.3 million net new jobs added since the Global Financial Crisis, almost all of them full time.”

London West Conservative candidate, Ed Holder says that having the Prime Minister come to London is very crucial to the Conservative campaign, “It’s a recognition that our city matters to Canada’s economy. With all the jobs in the new industry, it makes a huge statement and the focus of this Prime Minister. That’s the statement he was making tonight, along with saying that families matter to Canada.”

It was the second time the Prime Minister rallied in the Forest City since calling the 42nd federal election on August 2nd.

Canadians will take to the polls in less than a week. Election day is in less than a week on October 19th.

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