Despite Cold Weather, Golfers are Still Ready for Tee Off

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Golfing can be a very fun activity to do during the summer. You can play with your family or even play with some friends. According to Riverbend Golf Community , golf courses usually open around April and close around mid November.

However, according to latest weather reports, flurries are expected to happen as soon as this this week. Normally, that means most golf courses will close earlier than others years, but not Riverbend.

“The ground crew would make those calls, but as of now , we’re sticking to the second week of November as our closing date because if you look at next week, it will go right back to 16 and it will be perfect golf weather,” said Brandon Carr, the Riverbend spokesperson.

Temperatures are expected to rise next week, but according to weather experts, winter should come a little bit earlier this year than in years past.

According to Carr, even if the temperature dropped, that still wouldn’t scare some people. ¬†“If it snows, we still have the odd golfer. We still have 4 or 5 people who want to go and play in the snow because they want to try some new things or maybe because they just want to say they have played in the snow.

According to them, it would require a big weather change for them to close the course until their scheduled time. So far, they have never had to close the course  earlier because of weather, and they hope it remains that way.

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