Waterloo University’s lockdown over, occured due to internet threat

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Waterloo University's lockdown over, occured due to internet threat

Waterloo Regional Police are investigating after issuing a lockdown to Wilfrid Laurier University.

Police received a tip around 7 AM this morning and then immediately locked down the school.

It has been discovered that a thread was posted on the infamous website, 4 Chan.

“Don’t go to Laurier Science Building Hall tomorrow,” the post said.

First year history student, Nathan Trewin, lives on campus and says that he didn’t know about the lockdown until his girlfriend notified him, “I checked my phone and my girlfriend told me that there is a lockdown at Laurier and that’s all I know.”

“Laurier is one of the safest schools in Canada, so I’m not too worried about it right now,” says Trewin.

First year health and sciences student, Allie Hardy, is still on campus surveying the police presence, “A lot of us are at home for reading week, but waking up to find your school is on lockdown and that there are helicopters flying over the building is pretty scary.”

Waterloo Regional Police are working with the RCMP and the FBI in the investigation process.

Police have stated that the lockdown on the campus has now been lifted and that the post contained language similar to the fatal community college shooting in Oregon and that raised security concerns.

They also say that the post did not come from someone from the local area.

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