iPads for Seniors

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

With banking, bill paying, and communication all done online many seniors are looking to learn how to use the technology of the younger generation.

Hutton house is making this possible with their 6 weeklong iPad course for seniors. The comprehensive program teaches students basic iPad knowledge as well as how to use the apps that come pre-installed. Learning how to use the camera, home button, search function, and keyboard are some of the tasks students master in the first class

Lindsey Runhart, Manager of Employment and Training, says that apple products are great for seniors because they of how user friendly they are. She notes that if the seniors are unable to perform a task one way, there’s always another way for them to do it.

Many of the seniors who signed up for the program are interested in learning how to use the iPads so they can communicate with their families. The course is one of the many that Hutton house offers to youth and

adults in the London community. In addition to the iPad class, they also offer computer classes for seniors. More information can be found on Hutton House’swebsite.

Seniors iPad Classes

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