Western fair artisans’ market

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Western fair artisans' market

Farmers Markets are an essential part of every community. They offer the public a place to meet up and share personal stories and belongings. The Western Fair Artisans’ Market takes place every Saturday here in London from 8am until 3pm. The market is a popular destination for anyone who has a certain skill, ranging from cooking to home decor. Markets offer people great ways to share what they love doing and meet people who have the same interests.

At the market you can find fresh produce and high quality farm fresh goods. David Cook is the owner and general manager of the market and explains that even though markets are a common place to meet up, they are also very good for the local economy.

The market at the Western Fair is in the Confederation building and takes up two floors. It is filled with local vendors and live music.

Farmers Markets offer so much to the community. They provide a place to meet up and share stories, while bringing money into the local economy.

Western Fair Artisans' Market

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