Seeing Northern Ontario through the Artists’ Eyes

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

By: Darian Gropp

Exploring Northern Ontario Through Artists Eyes is an art gallery held at Masonville Library until October 31.  The gallery has the works of London artists Roxanne Jervis and Debra Kubu.

Roxanne Jervis is a professional painter who specializes in paintings of nature. She has traveled all around the world to paint. “I use different colors when I paint in different places because the lighting is different.” Said Roxanne. “I wouldn’t use the same colors in Italy as I would in Canada.“

Roxanne has been painting her whole life and still takes art classes to improve her techniques and to discover new art styles. “I would tell young artists to take as many classes as possible, because you never know if you like a certain style until you try it.”

Roxanne also teaches multiple art classes and workshops in the London area. The Winter Pencil art class is open to adults 55 and over from 10:30 to 12:30. Anyone is welcome from all skill levels. “My students are always surprised with the art they leave the workshop with, sometimes they can’t even believe they were the ones who created it.”

Roxanne says, “sometimes I’ll get into the mood and start to paint, then i’ll put my brush down when I’m done, and I don’t even know how I painted what I’m looking at.”

More of Roxanne’s beautiful art pieces, galleries and classes can be found on the Gallery Painting Groups website. Roxanne also invites anyone to contact her directly if they want to see some of the pieces that aren’t held in galleries or exhibits.


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