Changes to Student Financial Aid under Liberals

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Canadian students can expect more change and less debt.
The Liberal party has promised key changes for student debt and loans during their election campaign. These included increased funding, a larger eligibility bracket and less tax credits for Canadian students. The Liberals, like other federal parties worked extensively with student lobby groups to create this plans.CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, is one of those lobby groups. According to their Policy and Research Analyst Patrick Snyder, all of parties “understood how important post-secondary education is” to not only Canada’s reputation and growth, but also economy.

Courtesy of Chatelaine Magazine

Synder is the main author behind, “Pathways to Universal Access,” a policy paper created by CASA, that analyses the entire federal financial aid program. He explains that the Liberals adopted many mentioned suggestions in their platform, including an increase in grants for students from low to middle income families.
Synder specifies the Liberal government’s planned modifications here: CASA on the Liberals
Snyder encourages students to get their campuses involved with CASA or other student lobby groups. He also suggests maintaining an open relationship with their MPs.
CASA is a non partisan and non profit group that advocates for Canadian Students with the federal government. They focus on lobbying, advocacy and policy research.

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