Students and concussions

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The relevance concussions have in professional and amateur sports are making them a very hot research topic amongst scientists.  With the growing number of studies, more information is surfacing about the long-term effects, and seriousness of the injury.

Despite concussion research becoming more prominent, people continue to ignore the symptoms that arise after suffering a hit to the head. Doctors and physiotherapists are stressing the importance of patients listening to their bodies and not pushing themselves too soon after their injury.

Students that receive a concussions can feel pressured to continue to keep up with their studies, regardless of how they are feeling. The reality of this situation is, that by attending school and pushing through their injury, students are prolonging their recovery. Depending on the severity of the injury, doctors may advise students to take a minimum of a week off school to allow their brain to heal.

Leah Taylor is a fourth year Health Sciences student at Western, who continued to study through her injury and is now feeling the adverse effects of her decision. She says she still struggles with short term memory, which continues to make studying a challenge. She suggests that other students take the time to realize the severity of their injuries and listen to their bodies as to when they should return to school and activity.

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