Cyber bullying within Fanshawe College

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Cyber bullying happens everyday and is only getting worse as social media progresses. Many only think of cyber bullying as something that happens in the younger generation, however, cyber bullying has actually been seen through out Fanshawe College.


The popular Facebook group called Fanshawe Students 2015-2016 has over 8000 members. The group was designed for new students to post about any questions or problems that they may be having, but it seems the group has gotten more and more out of hand.


A Fanshawe student, Cassandra Stone, says that she was bullied on the group over a post asking if anybody knew how to do makeup professionally. “ I received comments from boys saying that I would need more than professional help to fix my face. The attacking continued through out the week and the post was deleted by the administrator.”


Shortly after, the administrator of the popular group, Zachary Green, wrote a motivational post about cyber bullying. “I basically wrote that anybody who writes a negative comment on anybody’s post will be deleted from the group. I have deleted people before and they will message me asking to be put back into the group and I say no. People have to understand that it hurts peoples feelings”


According to stats Canada, every 1 in 4 people are cyber bullied at one point in their lifetime.

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