EDM and the relation of drugs

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EDM and the relation of drugs

There isn’t many genres of music that bring people together quite like electronic dance music does. The energy of the music brings people together from all over the world and it has formed it’s own community.

EDM is largely produced for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. But for some people, EDM is not just a genre of music. Along with it comes a close community of people who are accepting and enjoying life.

Rachel Smith, who is a Western student, has taken up the hobby of making EDM on the side. Her DJ name is W.W.R.D, which stands for What Would Rachel Do. One of her favourite things about being a DJ is the fact that she’s giving back to the community.

“My favourite part is the fact that I’m making a contribution to the community and it’s really nice to see how many people make music and just try to contribute as much as they can,” says Smith.

Although it brings people together, EDM has a long history of being involved with recreational drug use. A number of people have died at festivals throughout the years due to overdose. EDM is so heavily related to drugs because the music gives off an energy like no other. Most raves and festivals go into the late morning or are all day. People then turn to drugs so they can stay awake or have fun for the entire show.

“It’s going to be a thing regardless of what happens. Since rave culture has been a thing, drugs have been closely tied to it. There is also a lot of references to drugs in music,” Smith says when asked if she thought drugs and EDM would always be related.

Many deaths that happen at festivals show symptoms associated with MDMA, such as dehydration or overheating. Festivals around the world have cracked down on security in recent years, trying to make a safe environment for everyone.




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