Protesters get doused at Jack Astor’s

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

“Stay Dry…” those were the words allegedly being yelled by Jack Astor’s employees, among other obscenities as they poured buckets of liquid onto an animal rights protest. ”

According to one of the victims, protester – Chelsea Gross, about five staff took to the roof with buckets of hot and cold water and also vinegar – before pouring it onto the protesters below.

On a busy Saturday in Richmond Row, protesters stood in front of the restaurant handing out animal rights pamphlets while holding up posters of pigs being taken to slaughter.

The two protesters who were affected, were allegedly harassed by employees and security before the assault from above.

One of the victims, Samantha McPherson, claims she was doused in hot water, which lead to her calling 911 – and was then struck by vinegar, temporarily blinding her.

London Police responded to a call from employees stating that the protesters were being disruptive and interfering with business but they concluded that the protest was on legal grounds.

An investigation has been opened by police, taking a look at surveillance video of the events taking place.

G-M of the Jack Astors, Keith Jones, says the restaurant is conducting its own investigation into the matter, and plans to interview all 29 of the employees on the payroll.

Anyone with more info can contact London Police Services.

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