Trauma and Treatment 2015

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Trauma and Treatment 2015

This past weekend (October 23rd and 24th), Fanshawe College staff and students saw some very real mock emergencies.

Trauma and Treatment is the annual event the college uses to train it’s paramedic students using realistic scenes, as well as being extended to include many other programs, such as police foundations, nursing, theatre arts, and even filmmaking.

Advanced Filmmaking Program Coordinator, Romy Gulem, said the event was a great learning experience for the film students, making the event into a “reality show” similar to Cops.

The event was a huge personal experience for all students and a chance for them to work on team building skills. Emergency telecommunications students processed simulated call and dispatched details to paramedic students who then went to the realistic scenario and took control based on what they know to do.

Second year Paramedic student Alex Gianakakis couldn’t pick a favourite part. “From speaking on the radios, to driving to the calls, to treating the patients,” he said, “great event put on by the program”.

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