Beth Emmanuel Church presents Beth Values Thrift Store

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

If you’re looking for a thrift shop, Beth Values is the place to go.

Operated completely by volunteers of Beth Emmanuel Church, Beth Values works to raise money for┬áBeth Emanuel’s Food program and other programs of the church. The new thrift shop carries a variety of name brand clothing, toys, dishes and more for such a little cost. Beth Values offers clothing at $1 per pound, and grocery bags that you can fill with for a total of $5.00.

Volunteer Kristina Tolbart says “We keep everything at such little costs so that everyone in the community can afford to come here and get clothing. Especially with the cold months approaching, we have tons of warm clothing and coats to offer.”

Boxes are set up outside of the thrift shop, filled with free items that Beth Values are unable to sell such as clothing with stains or a tear. Tolbart states that many people in the area are facing poverty, and absolutely love the free items out front as it makes their lives a little easier.

“A homeless man came in the other day asking for socks, and of course I gave them to him for free. We don’t give out free stuff all the time here but we all have a heart, and hey we’re just volunteers they’re not going to fire us” Chuckles volunteer Wanda Wilson.

Beth Values is located on 207 Wellington Street and although so far it has been a success, they greatly appreciate donations and volunteers.

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