Western research opportunity for couples

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Western research opportunity for couples

Western’s SMaRt lab (Sexuality and Relationship) is looking for heterosexual couples to participate in a research project.

Geared at finding the connection between sexual quality and relationship satisfaction, the study tracks intimacy of couples over the age of 18, who have been in a relationship for at least 3 years.

“A lot of the research that gets done tends to have a much lower bar, like just entering a relationship. Those relationships are characterized by a lot of energy, excitement, and passion, but relatively low intimacy. We know a lot less about established, long term relationships, where intimacy and your sense of closeness tends to be a little bit higher, but passion has maybe declined over time,” says post doctoral researcher at Western, Taylor Kohut, who is one of the heads behind the study.

He says this is the reason why the study focuses on long term, established relationships.

Participants in the study can expect to fill out online measures every 2-3 days which take around 5-10 minutes. Couples are also asked to come into the lab on the fifteenth day for an informational work shop geared at enhancing their sexual lives.

If you’re interested in participating, or are looking for more information, email Kohut at smartlab@uwo.ca.

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