City of London holds emergency preparedness exercise

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It’s always important to be prepared should an emergency arise here in the Forest City.

The City of London is partnering with many agencies and community-based organizations to hold their annual ’emergency management exercise’.

London Mayor Matt Brown spoke at the exercise and says that there are many things Londoners should be prepared for, “We need to be ready, we need to do a couple things as individual Londoners. One thing is to prepare ourselves for 72 hours.”

The exercise presents city staff with real-life situations that could happen within London.

“It helps us prepare for any number of emergencies that might occur within the city of London. Any situation that requires significant amount of response and public safety is a concern,” Says Mayor Brown.

Mayor Brown adds that this exercise can help Londoners prepare for an emergency when or if one occurs.

City staff are encouraging Londoners to check out the City of London website on how to prepare for emergencies.

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