Rocky Horror interactive movie screening for HIV/AIDS fundraising

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Over 260 Londoners were transported to Transylvania Thursday night as London’s Regional HIV/AIDS Connection held their seventh annual Rocky Horror Picture Show live interactive screening.

The event raised over $5000 towards the RHAC’s client services, and featured prizes to be won from Moksha Yoga, David’s Tea, and other local sponsors.

Melissa Whaling is the Fun and Development Coordinator for the RHAC, and says as the connection promotes diversity and inclusivity, the popular cult classic is a perfect fit.

Western student Alyssa Giddings had seen the film before, but never experienced the interactive screening. For her, the show is soon to become an annual tradition.

“It was great! I didn’t expect toast, or toilet paper, or newspapers on heads! I’m just excited to have this in my life now ¬†introduce it to other people,” she says.

For first time movie go-er Eric Baxter, the experience was one of a kind.

“You know, most movies you go to everyone just sits down and stays quiet until the credits roll, but this was not that,” he says.

The event offers Londoners the chance to dress as transvestites, shout out their favorite film lines in a comfortable space, and act out movie scenes with home-brought props.

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