Josh Inglis, Remember the Name

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Josh Inglis, Remember the Name

Josh Inglis is a 14 year old from right here in London, but he isn’t any regular grade 9 student. He is a Canadian Junior National Athlete that already has a bronze medal under his belt. Josh got this medal this past thanksgiving, when he went to Cuba for the Junior Pan American games. Placing just behind a Columbian and a Diver from Mexico in the 3 M Springboard competition, with a score just under 440 points.

With the help of his coach Luda Zakharenko, who was a former Soviet Union National Team diver. Josh started being spotted by the Canadian Junior National program in 2013 after meeting the International Standard for points in a competition.

Luda told me that “Josh is the only diver I have ever coached, that has actually thanked me for teaching him a new dive. He thanked ME for letting HIM learn the dive.” This just shows how much drive and compassion Josh has for Diving.

Make sure you remember the name Josh Inglis in the future, because we might have a future Olympic Medalist on our hands.


Josh Inglis - One for the Future

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