London looking to be named Canada’s healthiest community

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

One month may be all it takes to change your life. The in motion challenge is an annual initiative that encourages Londoners to get out and get active. Throughout October every year, the in motion team works to raise awareness of the benefits of being active, and provides the incentives to do so. The challenge provides easy online, and mobile tracking forms so participants are able to add their active minutes to the community’s total.

Cassie Vivyurka is the in motion coordinator for the city of London and says that the challenge is very flexible with  the type of activity participants can do. She says that walking, running, and zumba are some of the most popular forms of activity that participants usually engage in. She also stresses that the challenge is individual, and each participant is able to set their own activity goals, depending on their time and preferences.

The challenge happens all across the nation, and the city with the most number of active minutes at the end of the month is named Canada’s healthiest community.

In Motion Challenge

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