Fanshawe College: A community for everyone

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Founded in 1967, Fanshawe College has not only been a post-secondary institution filled with great opportunities, but has also become a small community. A community can be described as “a group of people living in the same place; with a sense of fellowship as a result of sharing common interests and attitudes”.

Many things such as the students, the staff, and the events that take place, are a part of the day-to-day life of this community. When it comes down to it, the school would not run as successfully as it does, without some very key people.

Arjun Bhardwaj, for example, has been a Fanshawe employee for five years now. Starting out working in financial aid, Bhardwaj now works at the welcome kiosk located in F Hallway. His job is to answer any questions students may have about where they are going inside the building or something as simple as where the closest grocery store is. He said his favourite part of the job “is just the people”, because he enjoys being able to help out.

With all the help he gives, Fanshawe also gave back to help him. “I finished five years of my time at Fanshawe College,” he said, “and there was an employee appreciation event.” However, the giving back didn’t stop here. Bhardwaj says at this event, a guest speaker spoke about all of the jobs she had worked, one being working in the House of Commons. Bhardwaj says this is his dream job. He was very nervous as he really wanted to explain to the speaker that he would like to work there one day, and wondered if she could help him in any way.

With the help of the community, a fellow employee who knew the guest speaker took Bhardwaj up to her and explained he would like to work there one day. “The next I see is she opens her purse, gives me her business card, and tells me to send her my resume.”

This one small event shows just how big of a helping, welcoming, and loving community Fanshawe College truly is.

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