Learning about deaf culture with Deaf Expo 2015

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

With 70 million people world-wide using sign language as their primary language, the larger London community can learn a lot about deaf culture from the London Centre of the Deaf. The club is holding their second Deaf Expo at Fanshawe College today. Deaf Expo is hosted every two years and aims to showcase deaf culture and entrepreneurs. This event also provides a networking opportunity for the deaf community, as well as information about deaf resources in the Forest City.

Marilyn Beernink is Chair of the Deaf Expo and she encourages the larger community to come down and learn about deaf culture. She spoke with XFM through an interpreter.

“Anybody is welcome. It isn’t just for the deaf community, but the larger community can come down and see what we have to offer”

Marilyn adds that anyone who is interested in learning about sign language or other aspects of deaf culture (but  isn’t able to come down today) can contact the London Centre of the Death at anytime. Deaf Expo continues until 5pm today.

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