Mens Streetwear Fashion on the rise

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Mens Streetwear Fashion on the rise

The growing number of teens and young adults getting into streetwear fashion is astonishing. Whether it’s just falling in love with sneakers, or starting to draw up your own designs for clothing, it’s becoming ever so popular.

Jerry Boyk is a Fanshawe Student that fell in love with fashion at the young age of 12. In High School, Jerry started to draw up his own sketches for sneakers, bomber jackets, T-Shirts and other apparel.

He’s designing a sneaker that is casual enough to wear around on a regular day, but formal enough to wear instead of dress shoes. Jerry got the idea when his father talked to him about buying dress shoes instead of sneakers because he was getting older. Jerry has never been a fan of dress shoes, even wearing a pair of his favourite Jordan sneakers to his High School prom.

When talking about the mens fashion industry as a whole, Jerry said that everything you wear, should be what you WANT to wear. He adds that it shouldn’t be about the price, or the designer, but you should be more worried about how it makes you feel. Boyk said that the number of people mimicking celebrities style is insane, that he wants people to wear what is their style, not somebody else’s, making it your own.

Jerry Boyk talks Mens Fashion, and How he got into designing

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