Group fundraising with local London businesses

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Group fundraising with local London businesses

London is home to many groups, organizations, and teams that rely on the community’s support. With so many groups looking to raise money in the City, many are forced to come up with creative ideas to fund their various projects and groups. Some groups, including clubs at Western, are teaming up with local businesses to raise awareness and funds for their various causes.

Julia and her husband, Kevin, are the owners of Chil frozen yogurt on Richmond and have been working with local groups for years. Julia says that when groups approach the store to fundraise, the business has a lot of fun coming up with creative, custom ideas. In the past they have had fashion shows, karaoke, life-sized Jenga, and yoga classes to help raise funds. She says that the store does not always make profit from these fundraisers, but Julia says they continue to do them because they are supporting local groups and charities, and the fundraisers bring new customers into the shop.

Caisa Fashion Show has been fundraising with Chil for years. The froyo shop donates 20% of sales one day each year to support the Children’s Health Foundation. Nikki Cheng is one of the creative directors with CFS and says that they are happy to be able to support a local business.

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