Western students aim to end impaired driving

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Western University calls for an end of drinking and driving.

Western’s Leadership and Mentorship Program (LAMP) is hosting “Let’s End Impaired Driving,” a campaign to prevent students from getting behind vehicles when intoxicated. It is being held in the University Community Centre, with a large social media component online.

The campaign is in loving memory of Andrea Christidis, a first year student at Western, who was fatally struck by an accused drunk driver. Andrea’s family and friends have joined Western’s LAMP community to raise awareness about the implications of impaired driving.

According to LAMP Member Danny Chang, students from all aspects of the University “have been reaching out to get involved.” “Western has a reputation for being a party school,” he says, but adds that students are disappointed to see “this happen on our campus.” Chang spoke to Andrea’s best friend, and close family before implementing the campaign through LAMP Western.

Members of LAMP Western holding their message


Through their presence in the UCC, LAMP hopes to get people to share quotes, statistics, or their experiences, on a whiteboard. Pictures of these whiteboards will be collaged onto a flag, which will be given to Andrea’s parents. 

“Let’s End Impaired Driving” is being held till Nov.13 on Western’s Campus.


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