iSee Vision Screening

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

iSee Vision Screening is being performed by the iSee Research Program through St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Volunteers from both the iSee Vision Screening program and members of the London Lions Club came together to run eye testing stations around London.

Lazy eye or Amblyopia as it is formally named can cause mild to severe vision loss if left untreated.  the objective of the research program is to attempt to prevent these vision challenges through early detection.

The test is completely harmless but it can tell a lot about a person’s eyes.  The test is done similar to taking a photo with a digital camera, many of the children even smile thinking they are having their photograph taken.  Within seconds, the volunteers can give the parent a verdict on their child’s eye health, either receiving a “Pass” or a “Refer.

The London Lion’s club was in attendance at the screenings to assist the researchers with  setting up and even assisting with the screenings themselves.

More information on the screenings and where they are being held can be found on the St. Joseph’s Hospital Website.

Photo Accreditation : Danielo Cavalli Ojos Anyi / Anyi’s eyes

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