Meet Scott Chantler, London’s famous graphic novel

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X



Local graphic novelist Scott Chantler has been gaining some traction lately.  Works like ‘Two Generals’ or ‘Three Thieves’ have received some attention  in the online community  lately.

‘Two Generals’ is a graphic memoir of Chantler’s grandfather’s stories during WWII. Other works of his are also hugely influenced by history. “I just find it very inspiring. Some events are removed from our own time that it almost looks like some fantasy world you would make up” said Chantler when asked why does he inspire so much from History.

He is releasing the seven installment of his ‘Three Thieves’ series, which is a directed towards children. He said he got inspired by it by his children and started the series because he wanted to write something for them.

He is definitely not new in the comic book industry. Since 2000, he started posting small comic strips online, and that got a lot of traction and attention. After that, Jay Torres, who is a famous comic book writer, contacted Scott and asked him to do the drawings for an upcoming book of his. After doing that several times, he realized he wanted to have full creative control. “I just wanted to write my own things. I loved working with Jay, but I wanted to venture in this by writing and illustrating my own ideas” said Chantler, who says doing that was one of the best decisions he’s made

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