Paris, France declares state of emergency

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Paris has declared a state of emergency after six areas were attacked.

Shootings and hostages were taken at Bataclan Concert Hall. It is reported about 100 people were killed. Police raided the building; four officers died during explosions by two of the attackers with bomb belts around them.

Le Petite Cambodge, a restaurant, experienced shootings and multiple deaths. Another restaurant shooting at La Belle Equipe, has about a dozen deaths.

Stade de France had at least two explosions near by, the stadium was put on lock down. Officers later evacuated all personnel.

Rue de la Fontaine and Boulevard Beaumarchais also experienced tragic incidents.

Border’s were originally going to be shut down, rather border controls are being implemented for security.

President Francois Hollande activated three emergency plans; upgrading the highest into a new level going beyond Red, into Alpha Red, created due to the multiple terrorist attacks.

Facebook activated a safety status tool, for those in Paris wanting to either let others around them know they are safe or not safe and need a place to stay.

The hostage situation is over, though it is uncertain if there are more attackers in the city. A Paris Prosecutor believes five attackers are dead.

1,500 troops are covering the┬áParis’ streets. All available protective services are working.

As a result of the attack, numerous cities including Toronto have increased police presence on their streets.

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