London shows solidarity for Paris

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
London has joined cities across Canada in showing solidarity for France in its battle against terrorism.

Landmarks in the Forest City,  such as  the J. Allen Taylor building,  City Hall, and the Blackburn Memorial Fountain were lit with the red, white, and blue of the French flag. They will continue this sign of solidarity for three nights, until France’s designated mourning period is over.

Facebook is also enabling Londoners, and all Facebook users to show their solidarity with a temporary profile picture that superimposes the French tricolor. The social media giant also used their Safety Check tool to let users visiting or living in France mark loved ones as safe if they knew they were “OK”. The safety utility also allowed friends to search for loved ones who were in Paris, but have not yet been accounted for.
Other signs Canadian solidarity:
  • In Kitchner,  a candle lit vigil is planned at City Hall to honor the victims of the terrorist attack.
  • In Toronto,  hundreds of mourners gathered at City Hall where they observed a moment of silence before singing the French national anthem.
  • In Montreal, the French national anthem was played at the Bell Centre before the start of last night’s game between the Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche.
  • In Halifax, people held a silent candle light vigil in support of those who lost loved ones in Paris.

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