Students on the fast track to nursing

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Students on the fast track to nursing

Nurses are at the forefront of our health care system, and are usually the first point of contact for patients. With so many nursing programs being offered at universities and colleges all over Canada, Western is making a statement with their condensed time frame nursing program. Western is offering students the opportunity to receive their BScN in a short 19 months.

Differing from the four year undergrad program, students are able to apply to the condensed professional program after completing just 10 university credits (approximately 2 years of school). Michelle Wagner is the pre-placement specialist and academic counsellor for the program and says that because of the short time frame, the program is very intense and alternates between placements and a rigorous academic schedule. She adds that her favourite part of the program is working with the students. Students come to the program with a mix of academic backgrounds, degrees, and of different ages.

Kat Cormier-Jones is a student in the program who applied after completing her Kinesiology undergrad at Western. She says she’s always wanted to go into the health care field, and after finishing her four year degree decided that nursing was the route she wanted to take. She loves the condensed program because she is able to earn her degree in a much shorter time.


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