Support local, support the city

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Support local, support the city

A very popular vehicle bumper sticker you may see while driving through Ontario is “Farmers Feed Cities”.

This statement is both very true, as well as important. Buying fresh, local products from markets means you’re buying from your local farmers and helping support their families as well.

A local food system can be described as the method of food production and distribution that is localized, supplying food to families within a close proximity. Food is grown, raised, and harvested close to consumer homes then travels to their local grocery stores or markets.

Vendors set up inside markets to sell their own fresh product, or to sell product for farmers.

Owner of Fraumeni’s Fruits & Vegetables, Greg Fraumeni, has been set up in the Covent Garden Market for over four years now.

“Product is fresher, not warehoused, not stored”, were just a few of the reasons Fraumeni gave when asked why customers prefer shopping at the market.

He said the main importance of supporting local is supporting the economy, as well as knowing farmers use less spray on their crops.

“When we support the farmers, the farmers support us,” Fraumeni said, “it’s like a two way street.”

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