The affects of a magazine cover

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The affects of a magazine cover

In 2015, we are surrounded by many different forms of media, many from such a young age. Although to some a magazine can be exciting because it has the latest trends or their favourite celebrities on it, others experience a deeper meaning.

Images of models or celebrities in a magazine can influence the idea of what the ‘perfect body’ is supposed to look like. For many, this means comparing the images to their own bodies and then being filled with the desire to be thinner, taller, curvier, etc.

Local counsellor, Linda Grant, said this may be a result of unhappiness. “To be seen, and acknowledged…I would think they don’t have a really high level of happiness, general happiness,” she says, “I would think that they haven’t learned to regard themselves”.

Grant added it’s a big part of what you’re thinking and what you’re telling yourself. If you think positively, the images will not affect the confidence you have within yourself.

Many celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Zendaya have started to campaign the fact that magazine images are edited to look better and do “not portray a realistic image of the female body”.

Lingerie retailer, Aerie, owned by American Eagle, started not to retouch their photos in ads, releasing the #aerieREAL campaign, with the slogan “the real you is sexy” printed on their bags and change room mirrors.

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