More gift givers opting for handmade, local presents

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More gift givers opting for handmade, local presents

Desi Pecoski, the owner of Desi’s Boutique, said the warmer than usual November brought in more customers looking to start their holiday shopping early.

She ran DIY workshops teaching Londoners how to make their own peppermint scrub. Her store also carries clothing, beauty products, bed sheets and jewelry.




Pecoski recognized more people are either shopping locally, or creating their own gifts for their family and friends.

“We’re kind of a budget community,” she said, “You can do something that’s a little bit less expensive but means a lot. People really like to do the DIY, and crafting is becoming really big again.”

She added that people are interested in knowing how their items are made and their ingredients. “That’s something we like to talk about that at the store as well. All about organic ingredients and learning how to make your own products.”

Pecoski said buying from local businesses also helps the economy flowing. “We’re always striving to look out for the best interests of our customers.”

Desi’s boutique opens at 11 a.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.


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