London stands with Paris

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London stands with Paris

On a brisk night in Victoria Park – Londoners stood in solidarity to pay homage to the most recent tragedies taking place all over the world. A week after 129 people were killed in Paris, a candlelight vigil was held by Londoners to show a sign of support to our french allies.

Hasan Savehilagi organized the vigil, in hopes that the people of London would come out and shed some light on an issue that has been problematically rising.

“Such unique and gigantic tragedies happening all over the world – especially the recent one in Mali, but the French one was very unique and very heartbreaking.”

Savehilagi added that he organized the vigil with the hope that Londoners could express their mutual anger at a major injustice in the world.

The Paris attacks came just a day after 40 people were killed by suicide bombers in Beirut, as well as 26 others killed in Baghdad. All of this occurring just 12 days after a Russian airliner was shot down from the sky over Egypt – killing 224 people.

Ward 3 Councillor, Mo Salih attended the vigil as well, and feels it’s important that Londoners not only recognize the Paris tragedies, but those happening all over the world as well.

“It’s important to recognize the challenges we’ve all faced and the emotions we’re all feeling,” Salih stated.
“It’s definitely not representative of what the vast majority of humanity feels and how we all perceive the world,” added Salih. “I think it’s important to recognize and stand in solidarity with all of our allies.”

Salih feels that by standing together, Londoners can make a difference.

Ward 4 Councillor, Jesse Helmer was also in attendance, and he felt the vigil perfectly emphasized what London is all about.

“Londoners are compassionate and caring people,” Helmer said.

“We need to show up and make sure that people know that, so when terrible things in the world – that we stand on the side of people who support peace, and unfortunately these attacks are the most recent of these tragedies.”

Helmer feels it’s important for Londoners to stand up and show support for those mourning all over the globe.

With so much terrorist activity happening globally, a vast amount of tension has been directed at the Muslim community in the form of Islamaphobia.

In light of some of this misguided prejudice, Savehilagi feels in times like these – there are far more pressing matters to worry about.

“We as human beings have so much in common, regardless of race and religion and colour of skin,” he said.

“In situations like this, we can all get together and express our anger against violence, and meanwhile figure out ways to help each other in such a difficult time.”

France has been on high alert since the attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, back in January of this year.

Watch the video below for footage of the vigil:


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