How we handle waste: What you need to know

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Every week the garbage and recycling goes out. Your garbage goes in big, black bags and your recycling goes in blue bins. What many people aren’t aware of, is the many other means of recycling that is available. From the green box, to the brown bag, to electronic disposal, there is a safe and efficient way to dispose of everything that passes through your home.

Sorting through materials is just as important as recycling as a whole.

Not sorting through your materials properly can lead to a few issues: hazardous materials having a negative impact on our environment and costing you more in tax dollars.

There are a number of programs that were designed to avoid these issues. The green bin was designed to collect biodegradable materials and compost. The black box should be used for paper and cardboard. Brown bags are meant for disposing of yard waste. Other materials, such as electronics, house hold cleaners, paint, batteries and anything containing mercury should all be brought to London’s Landfill Site or Household Special Waste & Electronics Depot on┬áManning Drive.

Click here for more information on how to dispose of your materials properly.

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