Exam Preparation

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Exams are coming up and it is a stressful time for students as they prepare for the end of the semester. Fear not students, there are services at the school that can help you with your exams whether it is tips for stress or tips for studying.

Counselling and Accessibility at Fanshawe College can help you with exams. Shelley Sinclair who is the Coordinator of Accessibility services says that self-hygiene is a good way to start preparing for exams. She adds that getting a good night’s sleep and not staying up late is key. Another strategy students can use is the counselling office in F2010. Sinclair says that if students need the extra support in dealing with the stress with exams, booking an appointment is helpful.

There are good and then there are bad studying habits. It is important to have good studying habits. Danielle Cheyne who is an Accessibility Counsellor at Fanshawe College outlines what types of studying habits students should be looking for.




Exam Preparation

Exams are part of life, it will end. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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