Fanshawe Student Union

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The Fanshawe Student Union or the FSU is the voice of and for the students. Many students don’t know that if you are a full time student, you have access to the benefits of the union. The Fanshawe Student Union is made up of 6 executives, the President and 5 VP’s.


The executives are elected by the students via election. The 6 executives include, the President, VP of Finance, VP of Internal, VP of External, VP of Athletics and VP of Entertainment.


Tabatha Rosborough who is the VP of Internal got elected by the students in the last election. Her involvement started last year when she volunteered at the FSU. Rosborough advice for students is to get involved as much as possible. With every job, there is a commitment factor and she says that there is a lot of planning involved from school clubs to school initiatives.


Another FSU executive that I talked to was the VP of Entertainment, Kevin Kaisar. He is an international student that came to Fanshawe College looking for a club to join. He had help from one of the executives at that time.  Kaisar has many jobs from running shows to getting student feedback. Kaisar’s biggest joy is that he feels a sense of accomplishment giving back to the school.


The Fanshawe Student Union is here for the students and both of them encourage students to get involved.

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