The Liberation of Holland Screening

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The Liberation of Holland Screening

Over the weekend, the screening of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland took place at  Fanshawe College. Two lucky students in the film-making program traveled to the Netherlands with their professor, Charlie Egliston, to film a major historic event. Professor of the film-making program, Charlie Egliston, says that his experience was one of the best he has had in the film-making business so far. “I have not experienced anything like this before, it was truly breathtaking. It’s a weird feeling to be able to attend something your interested in, and get paid to do it.”

Also attending the trip with Egliston was his two students, Jenna and Mike. They were given the opportunity to accompany Egliston on the trip to Netherlands when they were both named the most creative for the 2014 school year. One of the students, Jenna, says that her experience ended up being even better than she expected. “When I first got the news that Id be going to the Netherlands, I was obviously very excited. But the excitement I had and the picture I had in my head of what it would be like, does not even compare to the reality of it.”  

The success of Jenna and Mike’s film-making experience is an inspiration to future film-making students. Egliston says that if you are looking for a career in film-making, be sure to give it your all. “The best advice I have is if you are going to pursue this career, make sure you follow your heart. Its just as easy to get a job in this industry as it is in any other, you just have to work for it with passion.”  

Copies of the documentary titled The First Hussars and The Liberation of Holland, are currently being sold in the Fanshawe library.

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