London continues to show support despite international fears

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
London continues to show support despite international fears

Londoners are not falling prey to fear or suspicion, in the wake of the Paris Attack. Instead, London continues to do everything it can to welcome Syrian refugees who would call the Forest City home.

New fundraisers and initiatives are being planned by Londoners every day. The London Cross Cultural Center, our local resettlement agency, has temporary housing for 50, but continues to search for more space. Church groups like the London-area Presbyteriate are actively raising funds to sponsor even more refugee families.

Ramon Shalash, a Syrian refugee recently settled in London, says this support shows him that London has a big hear, “to make space” for people in need. He also adds that the enourmous level of support helps him deal with everything he and his family have gone through.

The Trudeau government announced today that they would have to extend their December 31st deadline, which promised that 25, 000 refugees would arrive in Canada by that date.


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