Police foot patrol results in many arrests

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Police foot patrol results in many arrests

Following a 2-day foot patrol late last week in the downtown core, London Police came out with unexpected results.

Foot patrol projects, as well as other investigation projects, are often done due to citizen concern of crime activity in their area. This time, was due to concern of overt drug sales and drug use in the areas.

“The project was to target those who were selling drugs,” Cst. Amy Phillipo said, “and also those purchasing drugs.”

Phillipo said as a result, two individuals were arrested for trafficking Crystal Methamphetamine and Hyrdomorphone.

Cst. Phillipo said targeting individuals is an on going process. “We will continue to do projects in the future to target these people, so that we can arrest and charge them, and put them on conditions to keep them out of the area.”

A person was also interrupted and arrested in the process of stealing a bicycle.

23 charges were laid, with nine of them being under the Drugs and Substances Act, and 14 of them being Criminal Code of Canada charges.


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