Advice for driving in the winter

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Denis Raymond, head instructor for Drivewise London, says people should start thinking about how to prepare for winter driving; The snow can fall down at any time, and make roads more slippery. He says intersections can be slippery this time of year, especially during red lights.

“[The car’s] exhaust heats up the snow, then melts the ice. You have to stop a lot earlier, slow down before the intersections and make sure you have enough space in front of you.”

Raymond explains the appropriate speed in the winter all depends on the situation. “I guarantee you  I’ve driven 10 km/h on the 400 series highways because that was what was warranted at the time.”

He says buying winter drivers, whether used or brand new, is especially important. “Winter tires are made out of the softer rubber. They really do help grip a lot better in colder weather, ice and snow. ”

Raymond adds drivers should keep windshield washer fluid, kitty litter and a shovel in their car in case of winter emergencies.

Another concern during the winter is drinking and driving, because of holiday parties. Raymond says planning ahead is the best prevention. “There are a lot of great alternatives to drinking and driving.” He suggests calling a cab, taking a bus, stay over or have a friend pick you up.

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