Caring for your pets this winter

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It’s getting colder outside and there are a number of ways to ensure that your pets stay happy and healthy this winter. Whether you have a dog, big or small, or a cat who enjoy the outdoors, it’s important to re.ember that they can’t all take the cold the way humans can.

Small dogs, like chihuahuas, are typically more temperamental when it comes to the cold, and some people keep them inside during the winter months, using indoor options like puppy pads.

If you do decide to take your furry friends outside in the colder weather, sweaters are a common way to keep them warm.

Small dogs aren’t the only ones who may benefit from sweaters though. Bigger dogs like boxers and pitbulls, have shorter hair, which don’t provide much warmth either.

Sweaters and jackets for dogs can come in all shapes and sizes and can be found at literally any pet store.

Sweaters aren’t the only investment you should be thinking of either. Doggy boots for your pups paws is important for a number of reasons.

Dr. Garrett Jack from Hyde Park Veternary Clinic says that most people don’t realize the damage that ice can do to the pads of a dog’s paws. During the winter months, a common reason that pets may need surgery, is due to damaged paw pads.

Dog boots are not only good for ice and snow, but even more so, for salt. The salt used on sidewalks contains chemicals that can be very damaging, causing chemical burns if paws are exposed for too long.

Another situation that people rarely think of, is wha they track into the house. “Antifreeze. If you step in a puddle and track it into the house, your cat or dog could lick it off your shoes, and it could potentially cause serious kidney damage, or even death,” explains Dr. Jack.

So whether you have a cat, small dog, or big dog, there are a number of ways you can be aware this winter.

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