Toilets are not Trashcans

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Toilets are not Trashcans

Think before you flush.

That’s the philosophy of London’s sewer outreach program, and as much as we might not want to admit it – we’re probably all guilty of not thinking once or twice.

Many Londoners might not be aware but flushing anything down a toilet that’s not human waste can lead to huge issues down the road, and sewer systems around the world are feeling the repercussions.

Barry Orr is the sewer outreach and control inspector, and has been protecting London’s sewers for the past 22 years.

He warns what we should not be flushing.

“Dental floss, hair, condoms, feminine hygene products, baby wipes,” Orr said.

Baby wipes from all over the globe

“Even a wipe that’s labelled ‘flushable’ is not actually flushable at this current stage.”

Despite the fact that so much waste finds its ways into our sewer systems, Orr feels it just comes down to common sense.

“We are increasing our awareness, doing a lot more outreach, and we just want people to be aware that toilets are not garbage cans,” Orr stated.

“The only thing that should be going down is human waste and toilet paper – that’s it!”

Orr can’t stress enough the importance of London’s sewer infrastructure, and he says the benefits of taking proper care and not flushing things you aren’t supposed to – are staggering.

“We have to respect our infrastructure system, and if we make some simple changes in our lives, not only are we protecting our infrastructure, but we’re protecting our environment as well.”

In the end, Orr says the message is a simple one – so don’t treat your toilets like trashcans, and for the sake of us all – think before you sink.

Toilets are not Trashcans

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