City postpones red light camera proposal

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City postpones red light camera proposal

The red light camera program was the hot button issue at the Civic Workers Committee meeting.

The program looks to install traffic cameras at some of the busiest intersections in the city, as a means to prevent red light running and increase driver awareness.

The committee voted 4-1 in favour of postponing the proposal until the next meeting in January, once more information comes to light.

Ward 7 councillor, Josh Morgan was one of the four members in favour of delaying the decision and feels a decision can’t be made until the committee is more knowledgable on the issue.

“We’re not aware of the financial consequences of it at this point,” Morgan explained. “If the fine revenue doesn’t come back, and we’re actually investing $700, 000 into this, I think the support level may go down and it’s just the responsible thing to know the full fiscal picture, before making the decision.”

Ward 1 councillor, Michael Van Holst was the lone member opposed to postponing the program, in fact he felt the proposal should be scrapped entirely.

“What I’d much rather do than have the cameras, is invest the money in education,” Van Holst said. “I’d like to see a broader program where we encourage people to leave home earlier, drive slower and enjoy a safe ride.”

Van Holst doesn’t feel the cameras will do anything in terms of collision reduction or prevention, and while his feelings differ from his fellow committee members, they are all of the like mind that driver awareness and red light running are the big issues.

Councillor Morgan feels the issue in general is the drivers.

“This is not about punishing drivers, this is about public safety,” Morgan said, “when red lights are run, there is a higher risk of injury or death and that is the issue that is concerning that we want to deal with.”

“Whether that’s through education or enforcement – that’s a debate for council and the community to have – but until then we’re just getting more information.”

The Civic Works Committee will re-introduce and re-debate the RLC program proposal at their next meeting in the new year – once that further information is revealed.

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