London Police giving friendly tips to trick criminals this Christmas

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London Police giving friendly tips to trick criminals this Christmas

The old Christmas saying is that it is better to give than to receive and the London Police are giving Londoners the gift that keeps on giving. They are presenting tips to the public to keep your homes and vehicles safe if you choose to travel over the holiday season.

Over the past two Christmas holiday seasons, over 1200 incidents of break and enters to vehicles and homes were reported to the police and last season London Police responded to 212 break and enters to homes and 367 thefts from vehicles.

Media officer for the London Police Department, Constable Ken Steeves, says that there is an increase of break and enters throughout the holiday season, “During the holiday season, we do see a number of break and enters to residences mainly because of course it is the time of giving and the time of receiving.”

Police are encouraging that anyone who does go on a vacation should make their house not look like it is vacant.

Constable Steeves adds that although these numbers are steadily declining, there is still concern to lock up your house and car and outlines a number of tips , “Have somebody look after your place, there are a few easy tips. Have a neighbour park in your driveway and have them shovel the driveway, shovel the laneway and collect the mail, and just give the illusion that someone is home for the holidays.”

“Also the internet is to be concerned with and social media, it is exciting to share where you are going and what you are doing for the holidays, but not only your friends will know where you’re going but the world will know and that means criminals,” Steeves says.

Police want to remind the public that any suspicious behaviour should be reported immediately.

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