Ontario investing in London manufacturing industry jobs

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A new manufacturing investment will create more jobs for Londoners.
Ontario is giving silicone manufacturer Starlim a $1.5 million grant to expand their London facilities. The grant will also go towards developing their Guelph facilities.┬áCompany Starlim-Sterner is an International rubber and silicone manufacturer. The expansion will connect London’s skills and technology to the rest of the world.
MPP Deb Matthews visited the Starlim North America offices to make the announcement, earlier this morning. The investment comes through the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, which aims to help development and industry in Southwestern Ontario. Matthews says that London is the perfect location, as it “has the right skills and the right people.” She also credited the company for elevating London’s status on an international level.

Starlim North America London Offices

Plans for expansion will include two new production bays, and 50 new, state – of – the -art injection moulding machines. Construction for the London expansion is expected to begin in April, 2016.

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