Do you deal well with disasters?

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In light of the recent Paris attacks, and ongoing terrorism around the world people deal with disaster in many different ways.

Some go on social media outlets to post their frustration and others actively participate in more face-to-face discussion and debate.

How do you deal with it?

How do you deal with disaster?
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The Palestinian Solidarity and Human Rights group at Western University hosted a vigil to respect the lives lost during Paris, as well as an open discussion to allow people to mourn as well as discuss what happened/why etc.

Vigils and masses take place during almost every disaster. Haya, an executive for the Palestinian Solidarity and Human Rights group at Western says that these vigils and open discussions allow people to get off of social media, and actively communicate. This is increasingly important during the recent Facebook option to change your profile picture to the Paris flag. There was lots of backlash about this campaign as people believe that this option only focuses on Paris, even though there is disaster occuring world-wide.

Watch this to see how other people deal with disaster:

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