London Knights teddy bear toss

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London Knights teddy bear toss

It was a great game for the London Knights on Saturday December 5th against the Ottawa 67’s. The knights can cross another win off of their list, winning the game 7-2. Not only was it a win for the Knights, however, it was also the 15th annual teddy bear toss.

The teddy bear toss is a fundraiser aimed at raising money for the Salvation army. The fundraiser consists of purchasing a teddy bear which is later thrown on the ice when the Knights score their first goal of the night. The first goal was scored by none other than team captain Mitchell Marner. He says that at the end of the day it is all about seeing the smile on kids faces. “I think its a great thing to do, you get off the ice and you see the kids with their hands out and the smile on their faces and thats really what its all about”.

Throughout the game, the Knights quickly picked it up in the second period, with Marner scoring two goals and Dvorak scoring two more. Marner also says that it felt good to pick it up at the end of the second period, “At first we weren’t really moving our feet, but in the second period it felt good to pick it up and score those two goals”.

Overall, 9680 teddy bears were thrown on the ice, raising a high profit for the Salvation army.

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