Snow Angels London looking for volunteers

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Lincoln McCardle began the Snow Angels London project, because he realized he has neighbours who need help shoveling snow. He explains that he wanted to offer a free service, since many of them pay them to clear their driveway.

One of his neighbours, who’s 100 years old will have a group of people clear out her driveway for her. “They show up in a pick up truck, they shovel her out and they get back in her pickup truck and leave. I’m always curious [about] how far away they’re coming from?”

He’s hoping to gather more volunteers for Snow Angels London. People can enter their postal code on the website, to either sign up as a volunteer or as someone who needs help shoveling snow. ¬†McCardle wants to see more group work.

“For example, I could find three or four people in my neighbourhood who are also volunteers and say ‘Hey, lets go out Saturday as a group and we can tackle these four, five houses in our neighbourhood. Maybe afterwards everyone could come over for cocoa'”.

He recalls growing up with his neighbours when he was young, and would like to see that again for this generation. “I don’t really see that same sense of community and I always think to myself ‘what a shame’,” he says “I’m part of our neighbourhood association and I know there’s a lot of them who have either been existing in London for awhile, as well as a lot of new ones starting up.”


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