Where is Feminism going in 2015?

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Feminism is often mistaken as a philosophy that only favors women. Katherine Woodman, a MA candidate in women’s studies and feminism research at Western University believes this might happened because of how media perpetuates feminists.

“I think it was Time of another major publication. They put feminism as the number one word to be eliminated in 2015” said Woodman, “That says a lot on how people sees feminism as no longer necessary, but also as a men-hating, demonizing culture.”

She said this was mainly because on how the story of feminism is commonly told. “First wave feminism was fighting for women’s right to vote. Second wave was fighting for women’s right to do whatever they want with their bodies, and also be able to get birth control…” She continued until she got to today’s feminism, “It’s commonly seen as post-feminism because it’s believe to had accomplish anything they can do, and women or white women have it good.”

Chrystine Robinson is an activist and self-proclaimed ‘hard core activist’. She believes there’s still lots to do in feminism. “A feminist believes in equality for both man and women,” Said Robinson before continuing “Like for example, sexism doesn’t only affect women. Like when man get paid less when they work in fields that have to deal with child care or health. All that happens because of the common believes of women been better taking care of kids than women.”

Tim Friesen is also a feminist, and his way to look at it is simple: “I just believe in equality for everyone, like is 2015 – soon to be 2016- and the only way we can move forward and evolve is to treat each other as part of the same species like we are.”

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