Marner and Dvorak are one of the OHL’s deadliest combos

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X


On the latest London Knights home game, it was an easy one for Mitch Marner, Chrstian Dvorak  and co. as they easily defeated Ottawa 7-2. However, that wasn’t a story. Everyone knows the Knights are good. What was a story however, was Mitch Marner  and Christian Dvorak’s great day on the ice.

Marner had a field day with Ottawa, scoring a hat trick and having two assists on top of that.  “Our team really battled back hard. I think at first we weren’t as good as we wanted to be,” said Marner about the rough start the Knights had in the game when they trailed 2-1 in the first period. Dvorak also had a great game, scoring 1 goal and having two assists, both to Marner.

However, the story on everyone’s mind was how good Marner and Dvorak looked together, and how good they have been so far this season.

It’s pretty special. We’ve been playing together all three years I’ve been here. It kinda feels like we know each other and I just love having that chemistry right here” said Marner on his relationship on the ice with  Dvorak

Dvorak also added that playing with Marner has been a lot of fun and hopes the success continues.

With both players at the World Hockey Junior Camp hoping to represent Canada(Marner) and the US(Dvorak) at the next Junior Championship, Knights fans should be happy on the immediate future of the Knights. “Right now I’m trying to focus on here and our next opponent”  said Marner, who said he was really hoping to make the team and that he did, going to Finland for the Championship would be a lot of fun.

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