Cardboard Cafe reflects on first year of business

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Cardboard Cafe reflects on first year of business

The Cardboard Cafè is the first of its kind in the Forest City. Customers can come in and play board games, while enjoying some snacks and drinks.

Josh Rivers, the owner of the board game cafè, says its been a successful first year. He explains the business can connect people in London’s strong board game playing community together.

“They’ll have their regular place to meet every week or something like that, and those groups never meet the other groups,” he explains, “There’s no other way for them to cross paths and they might live right next door to somebody who enjoys the same hobby as them.”

Rivers says the Cardboard Cafe will host tournaments and other events open to the public. He adds they want to get more people interested in board games.

“We’re not a typical game store where it’s very exclusive for people who are into the hobby. A lot of people are intimidated by that factor to get into board games,” he explains, “A lot of people see it as a nerdy hobby.”

Rivers adds that some people think if “I’m just a casual scrabble player, that’s not really for me, but we’re the bridge between those groups.”

The Cardboard Cafe plans to host more tournaments, add more games, expand their menu and reach out to more players. The first anniversary party takes place December 19, with 15% off of all games, food and other services and free stay and play from 10 am to 5 pm.

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